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Research and Development

Techni Process offers cutting edge research and development resources that enable our clients to benefit from our unique and innovative approach to engineering of new processing systems.

A team of multi-skilled professionals provides highly specialized services to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our testing labs are equipped with several types and sizes of Pilot Plants to support the highest expectations of our international clients.

Techni Process Research & Development team is fully dedicated to ensuring that our clients investment in new production facility will bring the expected results. For more information on our Research and Development successes please contact your nearest Techni Process location.

Research and Development

Techni Process has a full-time team of specialists who perform research and development on behalf of our clients as well as benefiting process technologies worldwide.

Our team provides:

Equipment analysis from the initial design phase, to reducing cost and improving processing time

In-depth data analysis to provide a more precise expectation of end results prior to construction or installation

Precise mass flow analysis allows for adjustments and corrections to equipment

Precise determination of facility size and the comprehensive analysis of auxiliary equipment and its sizing

Advise on and provide solutions to complex technical areas such as cavitation, clogging, and corrosion in the system - from concept, to construction, installation and product delivery process