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Techni Process Group offers a unique in-depth experience in heat transfer, spray drying and fluid mechanics engineering.

We provide research and design, process simulation, Pilot Plants for product process evaluation or small scale production through to complete design, construction, and installation of entire processing plants -- all tailored to each clients individual needs.

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The complete service - start to finish and beyond

Techni Process can supply unique engineering solutions backed by 20+ years of industry experience. We can, as well as design and build, provide commissioning and full plant start-up services for all of our equipment together with post sales support, servicing, spare parts and manuals / documentation in several languages.

We also offer performance reviews of existing equipment and will provide recommendations for upgrades and / or improvements.

The complete service from Techni Process Group.

The Complete Spray Dryer Service

Techni Process offers a wealth of experience in heat transfer, spray drying and fluid mechanics with a design and build process solution tailored to each clients individual needs.

We can provide concept designs and pilot testing, through custom design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start up.

The Techni Process Commitment

Techni Process can deliver the complete solution using its own team of specialist or we can work alongside with a client's own appointed team with Techni Process providing support at the stages of the project which require our expert input.

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Techni Process - Range Of Pilot Plants

Techni Process can provide Pilot Plants which can serve as a valuable testing environment for a full-scale installation or Pilot Plants which are ideal for small scale production requirements.

Techni Process can install a Pilot Plant at a clients' own facility or we can within one of our research and development locations test for you. The data from using a Pilot Plant as a testing procedure can provide valuable information about the optimum conditions for processing of a product and can be a great time and monetary saving option.

For more details please contact us and we will provide an outline of the recommended stages Techni Process will undertake to ensure a high return on any investment made.

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