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Techni Process Group has three offices providing services to our international clients. These strategic locations ensure that our customers have access to Techni Process resources in a suitable time-zone.

Our head office is located in south of France, near Aix-en-Provence. Techni Process SA is our scientific and technological center with unique research and development facilities and design office.

Each office works closely with the head office which coordinates all Techni Process Group’s worldwide activities.

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Techni Process North America Inc.
1673 Richmond Street
Suite 522, London Ontario
N6G 2N3
Techni Process SA
La Muscatelle
Chateauneuf le Rouge
13790 Rousset
Techni Process Asia
Care of: La Muscatelle
Chateauneuf le Rouge
13790 Rousset
The complete spray dryer service

Techni Process offers a wealth of experience in heat transfer, spray drying and fluid mechanics with a design and build process solution tailored to each clients individual needs.

We can provide concept designs and pilot testing, through custom design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start up.

The Techni Process Commitment

Techni Process can delivery the complete solution using its own team of specialist or we can work alongside with a client's own appointed team with Techni Process providing support at the stages of the project which require our expert input.

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Engineering Retrofits and Upgrades

Techni Process can assist with retrofitting existing equipment -- even if the original installation is not a Techni Process product.

We are happy to engage in dialogue that will cover all aspects of the impact of retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment and we will ensure that any actions undertaken are going to provide benefit.

Many cases will require an on-site visit where a Techni Process team member will walk-through the plant in question and provide professional guidance as to the steps we suggest to be taken.

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