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Techni Process Services

Techni Process provides a wide range of services associated with spray drying technologies, processing of products for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as research and development, data analysis and engineering solutions.

Located throughout the world Techni Process is able to provide unique on-hand involvement for our client base where we are focused on high returns on investment and cutting edge technologies.

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Techni Process provides a unique and long-standing experience in heat transfer, spray drying and fluid mechanics to our worldwide client base. With a design and build process solution tailored to each clients individual needs we can provide concepts and designs, data analysis, pilot testing, custom design to fit most requirements, engineering and construction either within our factories or on-site at a clients plant (depending on the nature of the project), installation, commissioning and plant start-up.

Techni Process can also supply parts, retrofit equipment to existing plant installations and supply professional advice as to which process or technology would most suit the needs of the product and the client's budget.

For more information about our services please contact the nearest Techni Process Group office.

Techni Process Technologies

Techni Process design and build process solutions are tailored to each clients individual needs. We can provide concept designs, pilot testing, custom designs, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-ups.

Our process solutions include the following technologies:

Pilot Plant Systems
Industrial Spray Dryer Systems
Simple Effect Spray Drying Systems
MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems
Atomization Systems
Fluidbed Drying Systems
Microwave Vacuum Drying Systems
Evaporation Systems
Clean in Place Systems
Liquid Feed Preparation Systems
Homogenization Systems
Pasteurization Systems
Sterilization Systems
Emissions Control Systems

Techni Process Data Analysis

Techni Process can provide Pilot Plants which can be installed both at the client's facility or within one of our research and development locations. The data from a Pilot Plant can provide valuable information about the optimum conditions for processing of a new product and can be a time and investment saving procedure.

For details on setting up a testing area including a scaled down module of the full-size processing plant please contact Techni Process. We will provide an outline of the recommended stages Techni Process will undertake to ensure a high return on any projected investment.

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