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Vacuum Drying Systems

Vacuum drying is ideal for materials that would be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures.

The vacuum removes moisture while preventing the oxidation or explosions that can occur when certain materials combine with air.

Vacuum Drying is also ideal in situations where a solvent must be recovered or where materials must be dried to very low levels of moisture.

Vacuum Drying Systems

Ideal for Food Types Vacuum Drying has many benefits such as:

Increased shelf life

Greater nutritional retention

Higher anti-oxidative capacity

Some of the advanatges of Vacuum Drying food products is that not only does the food keep its valuable substances after drying but it also retains characteristics such as a crispyness, stable colour and puffed structure.

Vacuum Drying can be used to process a wide range of food types including different kinds of berries, strawberries, apples and vegetables.

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