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Pilot Plant Systems

Pilot Plants provide valuable data for the design of full-scale production process plants or can be used as very effective small scale production facilities.

The product properties and scientific data provide the necessary starting point for the design of a new process plant but it is very difficult to predict the results and ideal process conditions.

Pilot Plants provide a very economical way to test the new process before investing in full scale installations. Pilot plants are scaled down versions of the full size production equipment and generally are build to suit the application.

Techni Process offers four standard sizes of Pilot Plants and each may be customized to suit a particular need or client requirements.

Pilot Plant Systems

Techni Process are able to offer a full range of pilot plants in two different configurations:

SD - Simple Stage Dryer

MPD (Multi Phase Dryer)

Note: The majority of powder requirements may be tested and produced on SD dryers.

Techni Process offers four different sizes of Industrial Pilot Plants:
SD 1, SD 2.5, SD 3.5, SD 6

Techni Process through research and data analysis will advise on the selection of the correct size of Pilot Plant suitable for your needs and the eventual end requirements.

Some products which are especially sticky, hygroscopic or very sensitive and hard to handle powders require Multi Phase Dryer dryers. For this Techni Process can supply a MPD (Multi Phase Dryer) - 4 stage Industrial pilot Spray Dryer.

Product Testing can be carried out by Techni Process or we can supply the equipment for your research team to test themselves onsite or at a suitable location. Techni Process have proven years of experience in handling a wide range of products and our R&D department is continually working alongside industrial and scientific research centers worldwide.

For more information on Atomization Systems please contact your nearest Techni Process office.

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