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Pasteurization Systems

Techni Process systems address both aspects of production hygiene by combining precise control of the Pasteurization process with automated cleaning and disinfection of the equipment (either chemically or thermally).

Each system consists of multi-pass heating and cooling coils, volumetric pump and digital graphic recorder for real time monitoring and data recording feature. Our modular systems may be combined with other skid packages (ea. Homogenization) to compliment multiple requirements for continuous treatment of liquid foods and pharmaceuticals.

Pasteurization is very often used to control the bacterial growth in the industrial process and to extend the product shelf life. The process is usually accomplished by flash treatment with heat. Two critical parameters for pasteurization are temperature and time of exposure which will vary for each product type.

Typically 72° - 92° degC is the temperature range but experience and knowledge are essential to ensure this technology is effective.

Pasteurization Systems

Ideal as part of the system for food processing Processes are very often used as a part of feed preparation in line with spray drying.

Each dried particle will be in accordance with the customer requirements and / or industry standards.

Techni Process offers various configurations of heat exchangers allowing to accomplish prescribed condition in perfectly controlled environment:

3 stage pasteurizer: pre-heating (heat recovery) product heating and cooling.

2 stage pasteurizer: pre-heating (heat recovery) and product heating.

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