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MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems

Techni Process offers several standard designs of Spray Dryer for industrial applications in a variety of configurations from SD (Simple Phase) to MPD (Multi-Phase Drying) Systems.

The correct selection of the drying process is essential to ensuring that the final results meet with expectations. While SD (Simple Effect) Drying Systems are commonly used for the production of high quality powders MPD (Multi-Phase Drying) Systems provide the possibility to produce very fine or granulated powders. The granulating effect is accomplished by recycling the fine powder back to the drying system which allows the particles to agglomerate. Granulated powders are very often called 'instant' because they are generally very easy to dissolve in a solution.

MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems

Products that are suitable for MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems include:

Cocoa, coffee, green tea extract, Paracetamol, Aspartame, Hydrolyzed protein, Gelatin mix + fat, Hydrolyzed gelatin + fat, Hydrolyzed gelatin , Spicy sausage, Milk, milk extracts, cheese, Baby food, White egg, Blood, Fragon, Hawthorn, Passiflore, Domestic detergent, Oranges, grapes, strawberries, Concentrated beer, Carraghenates, Yeast extract, Malt extract, Polisacharides, Fructo oligo sacharides, Sacharides, Polisucrose

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