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Microwave Vacuum Drying Systems

Microwave Vacuum Dryers combine two different technologies to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products.

While Microwaves delivers gentle and uniform heat to the product a vacuum atmosphere allows using a lower drying temperature.

This drying technique is very well suited for the continuous drying of fragile and heat sensitive products without affecting quality.

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Microwave Drying Chamber's

Microwave dryers are fast and preserve many of the original aspects of the product being introduced to the chamber

Advantages of Microwave drying:
Low temperature
Short drying time
Absence of oxygen
Sanitation - clean environment
Increased product shelf life
Greater nutritional retention
Higher anti-oxidative capacity

Highly suitable applications of this process include such items as pharmaceutical and pre-pharmaceutical products and a wide range of food processing products.

Suitable for very heat sensitive products
Drying temperature typically below 60 deg C
Suitable for very viscous products
High solids concentration

Typical applications:
Drying of vegetable extracts
Pharmaceutical products
Nutritional products

Typical size:
Pilot 1 kW microwave
Industrial 6 – 300 kW microwave
Vacuum: 8 – 30 mbara

Satellite features:
System of vacuum recovery
Recovery of concentrated materials
System conforms with ATEX standards

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