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Liquid Feed Preparations Systems

Preparation is an important aspect of the transition of the product from storage conditions to processing conditions, where the physical properties of the feedstock are manipulated to utilize further processing and the production of the powder using a form of drying technology.

Adjusting the conditions to suit the product can be essential

The requirements and parameters for product storage are very often quite different than the parameters such as temperature, or density required prior to drying. Techni Process offers the complete conditioning lines and we will design the equipment according to your requirements.

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Ideal for Producing Feedstock Powders and Dried Dairy Products

Feedstock may need adjustment of some parameters between feed storage tank and the dryer feed tank such as:
Particle size

Techni Process can design and supply following equipment for feed conditioning:
Storage tanks with mixers
Heat Exchangers
Plate & Frame or Tube & Shell
Ph adjustment systems
Dilution systems
Mixing and blending stations
Chemical dosing additions
Feed delivery systems
Booster pumps
High Pressure pumps
Homogenizing pumps
Sterilization units
Pasteurization units
Homogenizing units

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