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Homogenization Systems

Homogenization treatment prevents the cream layer from separating out of the milk through a process utilizing high pressure to force the raw milk through a very small inlet where large particles of fat are broken down and combined with a watery portion of milk resulting in uniform and evenly distributed fat particles and a much more stable product.

Great pressure is required to pump raw milk through very narrow tubes, breaking up the fat globules through turbulence and cavitation. Milk which has undergone high-pressure homogenization has a longer shelf life than milk which has undergone ordinary homogenization at lower pressures. Techni Process has the experience to provide result driven solutions for any homogenization process required.

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Liquid Feed Treatment - Milk Based Processing

Techni Process will select the appropriate equipment for your application:
Design Homogenization steps for your process
Design of blends & mixing recipes

Correct handling and treatment of the feedstock is essential for ensuring the quality of the final product.

An important part of the food processing industry is pasteurization which is the term used for the treatment or processing of an organic product carried out for the sole purpose of eliminating the risk of food poisoning. This is done by destroying some of the products natural bacterial content during a precisely prescribed and timed heat treatment.

Techni Process offers custom designed tubular sterilizers fully pre-programmed for repetitive cycles including heat treatment, cleaning and disinfection in place. Skid mounted installations are easy to move and may be used in the lab or throughout the plant (basic services required: power, water, air).

Techni Process systems address both aspects of production hygiene by combining precise control of the Pasteurization process with automated cleaning and disinfection of the equipment (either chemically or thermally).


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