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Fluidbed Drying Systems

Fluid bed technology is widely utilized in industrial drying applications for the following:
Drying, conditioning, granulation, agglomeration, cooling and coating.

A Fluid Bed Dryer exposes the entire surface area of the product particles to a high volume stream of conditioned gas - most commonly air. Heat is transferred between the product and the air stream by convection. Fluid bed technology may be incorporated in a multi-stage drying system for handling very heat sensitive products.

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From concept to planning to installation

Techni Process will provide the correct configuration and size of a fluidbed dryer required for the application.

We will complete the thermal balance and consider all the critical factors when designing the equipment:
Air velocity
Air volume
Air temperature
Powder feed rate

Techni Process Fluidbed Dryer installed

Fluid Bed Systems provide a controlled environment for the production of high quality products and offers the following advantages:

Very intensive and efficient process due to the maximum contact surface
between the product and media (air) and continuous supply of fresh media.

Isometric conditions within the Fluid Bed prevent overheating and heat
damage of the product.

Relatively simple machines offer very precise control of process conditions.

Fluid Beds commonly used for heating and cooling may also enable
granulation, agglomeration and coating of the products during the
drying process.

Fluid Beds may be combined together into multi-phase configurations allowing to vitiate the treatment conditions and parameters in each section.

Fluid Beds may be incorporated into the design of other equipment
(dryers, bag houses, conveyors etc.) to maintain a constant flow of
powder and prevent any sticking.

For more information on Fluidbed Drying Systems please contact your nearest Techni Process office.

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