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Spray Dryer Atomization Systems

Atomization is an essential part of the Spray Drying process in which moisture is very quickly removed from small droplets of liquid feed as it is exposed to heat.

Correct methods of Atomization - dispersion of liquid into microscopic droplets is essential for efficient production of quality powders. The size and formation of droplets has a great impact on size and density of the powder being produced.

Techni Process will select the correct method to Atomize your liquid in order to produce the desired quality of product.

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Nozzles come in a variety of sizes

The style or type of the atomizer selected for the greatest effectiveness in the process is critical for following reasons:
Size of the droplets
Distribution of droplets
Speed and trajectory of the droplets

There are many very important factors to consider when designing the dryer and Techni Process will evaluate your product and help you choose the right technology.

We work very closely with the leading manufactures of atomizing equipment worldwide and our R&D laboratory continuously tests the available technology entering into the market place as well as developing our own unique equipment and processes which enables Techni Process to mantain our lead in the world of spray dryer technology.

Techni Process are up-to-date with the latest technological advances for the benefit of our existing a new clients - we have experience and ability to help you make the right choice.

For more information on Atomization Systems please contact your nearest Techni Process office.

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