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System Upgrades

Techni Process can upgrade existing systems to improve productivity and the life-span of Spray Drying and associated equipment.

We have the ability to inspect, analyze current production conditions and make proposals to upgrade parts of system in question which can either be a Techni Process installation and design or equipment provided by another vendor.

I want to learn about:
Techni Process will analyze any impact that upgrades will have on existing equipment
Research and design is an ongoing element of Techni Process's commitment to our industry
Techni Process will ensure upgrades are necessary and productive
Equipment Upgrades by Techni Process

Techni Process will prepare all the necessary documentation and proposals prior to any actions being taken to ensure client comfort. We will prepare engineering solutions that will benefit the production processes and will outline any concerns we have as to the feasibility of upgrades and life-span of existing equipment.

Techni Process are focused on bringing real benefits to the production process.

For more information on our upgrade services please contact one of our office locations.

Techni Process Technologies

Techni Process design and build process solutions are tailored to each clients individual needs. We can provide concept designs, pilot testing, custom designs, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-ups.

Our process solutions include the following technologies:

Pilot Plant Systems
Industrial Spray Dryer Systems
Simple Effect Spray Drying Systems
MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems
Atomization Systems
Fluidbed Drying Systems
Microwave Vacuum Drying Systems
Evaporation Systems
Clean in Place Systems
Liquid Feed Preparation Systems
Homogenization Systems
Pasteurization Systems
Sterilization Systems
Emissions Control Systems

Techni Process Data Analysis

Techni Process can provide Pilot Plants which can be installed both at the client's facility or within one of our research and development locations. The data from a Pilot Plant can provide valuable information about the optimum conditions for processing of a new product and can be a time and investment saving procedure.

For details on setting up a testing area including a scaled down module of the full-size processing plant please contact Techni Process. We will provide an outline of the recommended stages Techni Process will undertake to ensure a high return on any projected investment.

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