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Research and Development

Techni Process provides cutting edge research and development that enables our client base to benefit from our unique and innovative approach to spray drying and MPD (Multi-Phase dryer) systems for the processing of a wide range of products.

Our specialty focuses on the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as other markets requiring professional processing of products.

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Research in Action

Techni Process has a full-time team of specialists who perform research and development on behalf of our clients as well as benefiting process technologies worldwide.

Our team provides:
Equipment analysis from the initial design phase, to reducing cost and improving processing time
In-depth data analysis to provide a more precise expectation of end results prior to construction or installation
Precise flow analysis allows for adjustments and corrections to equipment
Determination of facility size and the comprehensive analysis of equipment and its development
Advise on and provide solutions to complex technical areas such as cavitation, clogging, and corrosion in the system - from concept, to construction, installation and product process delivery

Research and development by Techni Process

Techni Process has 20+ year's of experience in the industrial spray drying sector. We provide bespoke engineering at all levels, from the initial CAD modeling and design, to actual data testing through unique computer programming and output analysis to provide solution based designs, engineered constructions to installation and start-ups.

Techni Process has retained our focus on individual care and attention to our significant international client base knowing that only by providing such a service can clients feel truly confident in the solutions provided by us.

Our team has the cutting-edge ability to provide systems, not available elsewhere, with the degree of confidentiality clients are looking for and an approach that Techni Process can provide.

Techni Process Technologies

Techni Process design and build process solutions are tailored to each clients individual needs. We can provide concept designs, pilot testing, custom designs, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-ups.

Our process solutions include the following technologies:

Pilot Plant Systems
Industrial Spray Dryer Systems
Simple Effect Spray Drying Systems
MPD (Multi-Phase Dryer) Systems
Atomization Systems
Fluidbed Drying Systems
Microwave Vacuum Drying Systems
Evaporation Systems
Clean in Place Systems
Liquid Feed Preparation Systems
Homogenization Systems
Pasteurization Systems
Sterilization Systems
Emissions Control Systems

Techni Process After Sales Support

Techni Process provides the complete solution based service from start to finish.

Beyond start-up and supplying of the system to provide the required level of output Techni Process are on-hand to support post installation to all of our systems.

Techni Process are also able to provide support for non Techni Process products through our retrofit and crisis input teams.

We are there for our clients to ensure the smooth running of all the systems we are committed to. Contact one of our Techni Process Group offices for a full outline of what we can do for you.

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