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Food Flavoring Systems

Techni Process offers engineering support and modern technology for manufacturing of food flavors in various forms of powders:

Fine Powders
Granular Powders
Instant Powders
Agglomerated Powders

Techni Process will support your Research and Development Team when looking at new products or provide the services of our own R&D experts including fully-equiped Pilot Testing facilities.

We will assist in the selection of the best technology for your product and design equipment for industrial production of food flavors including:

Fluid Bed Dryers
Spray Dryer - (SD and MPD)
Microwave Vacuum Dryers

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Food flavoring

Techni Process can supply the complete “turn key” production line for blending solids and liquids.

Mixing / blending ingredients
Homogenization of liquids
CIP system including Deodorization

Techni Process provides a full range of services from first concepts to full data study and analysis through to the design, manufacturing, construction and startup.

Complete line of services offered by Techni Process includes :
Concepts, Research and Development
Data Analysis
Design CAD, 3D fly through's
Construction - on-site or off-site
Installation - full or assisted
Modification of existing installations as required
Full pre and post sale support teams

The Techni Process Commitment:
Techni Process can delivery the complete solution using its own team of specialist or we can work alongside with a client's own appointed team Techni Process providing support at the stages of the project which require our expert input.

Techni Process will provide engineering support to your team at all steps of the project or as required.

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